Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mikah and his Big Dream!

As you can probably guess, we are extremely proud of Isaiah and his painting that was sold last week.  He was able to raise $57.50 for the Job Jar!  He was so proud and excited.  His art teacher even let him come in and show it to the class at school.  What a nut!

But as brothers go Mikah decided he needed in on the excitement.  His painting took a little longer and he used A LOT more paint on a smaller canvas but it turned out amazing for a four year old!  I am so excited for him.  He used a little bit of inspiration from Isaiah's painting but put his own twists on some of it!  Notice his giant backwards signature at the bottom!  It actually looks like it fits!

So here we go again.... Mikah wants to see himself on here and see how he can do now!  Apparently we have some artists that also like a little sibling rivalry.  Who would have thought?!?!

Here is Mikah's masterpiece.....

Again, we will do the auctionish type thing!!  I will post on Facebook and keep you updated there as well as the comments here.  Or feel free to email me at
I am only going to have this last until Thursday at 8:00pmOne day and it's yours! Note: It is not the big size of Isaiahs painting, I think we would have run out of paint!  It is about 8x11 but done with Love and Precision!!  We will also throw in one of our FAITH bracelets to the winner!  
Happy Bidding!

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