Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Thank You isn't enough!

What do you say and where do you start? How do you put into words, what is swelling your heart?
At a time when the battle was breaking you down, a community rose up and helped stand the ground.
At the beginning we knew we couldn’t do this alone, We prayed and we begged for God to show us the road.
A road that led through dark paths, and then out into light, A road that at times was pure joy and sometimes just fright.
But every time it got dark and we felt so incredibly small, A note would show up or the phone with a call.
The battle at hand was not ours to bear, because when times would get tough you were always right there.
Some people don’t get why and we completely agree, But God called us to take part and provide a family.
We will fight to the end and take our lumps as they come, and at the end of the day we hope to hear “Job well done”
So what do we say to the people that stood, to those that have promised to do all that they could.
Thank you is so small and we love you is true, we look for a way to acknowledge all that you do.
To walk in front of and beside us and shield all the blows, Means the world to our family, more than most people know.
At the end of this journey will be a great prize, A beautiful princess with the biggest brown eyes.
So as we try to say thank you for blessing our family, we stand tall right beside you and live for our baby.
Soon there will be a plane ride that brings an end to this part of the story, It will close miles between us and show us all of God’s Glory.
Again, thank you is small for all that you do, so from our hearts to yours all we have is “We Love you”
What a day it will be when we all come together, and Praise God for completing Gracie’s family forever!

There are truly times when thank you just doesn't seem to cover what we so badly want to say.  This would be one of those times.  This past Saturday we were blessed beyond measure and our family was extremely humbled.  We never expected the outpouring of love and support that filled Calico Skies, and we were blown away every time we turned around and saw a new face in the room.  Somewhere between 250-300 people showed up to support our efforts to Bring Gracie Home! 
It is never an easy thing to have a spotlight put on a situation like this.  The amount of stress, unknowns and straight up fear of losing our baby girl has been out of this world.  However, we have been graced with a community of family and friends that have realized that this has all happened in spite of who we are.  And we are standing strong today because of their commitment to Gracie and our family!  
If it simply was about money Gracie would have been home a long time ago!  However, it is about more than that.  The story goes deeper than even we know.  But by the grace of God those around us have been able to walk that path with us and share in the amazing testimony that is Gracie's life!

Since there is no easy way to thank the amazing amount of people that have shown their support; financially, prayerfully and by simply just being there as a shoulder to lean on, we once again turned to paper and pen.  Please, if we don't reach out individually right away, accept this as our thank you for the time being.  Our big  "Official" thank you will be when are able to step off of an airplane and introduce you to the pretty lady with an incredible story!
Peace and Grace!