Friday, June 14, 2013

Two Boys and their little sister!

When Anne and I returned home from Haiti about a month ago the question of the day, EVERY day has been, "When can we go see Gracie" or "Is this the day Gracie comes home?"  We have tried our best to explain the length of the process in 8 and 5 year old terms but it just doesn't seem to help.  So we have resorted to saying "If you want to go see her, you need to get an airplane ticket!" 
We thought that would deter them for a while as both boys tend to spend money faster than they can take it in.  Usually on LEGO's or candy or something completely lame that breaks within a few days. 
This time though they were really listening and have taken a little action of their own. 
The word on the street from our agency is that at some point this fall they will be doing another family weekend like the one we just attended.  Our boys are dead set on going along this time.  They can't wait to see and touch and play with little Gracie!
And they are going to make sure they are along for the trip!!
So today we sat down and put together a little plan, inspired by our friends Anna and Lydia.
Isaiah came up with the captions and told Mikah exactly what to do!
We hope you enjoy their little video... Bring Gracie Home!
Please feel free to pass it on!
If you want to know more about the pictures please contact us for details, They actually have a couple different ideas for pictures if you look at previous posts, here and here!  Those will give you an idea of what they have in store!  Isaiah has actually used his own money from a Hobby Lobby giftcard to start buying his own materials! Thanks Sissy!
And if you want to know more about the hats, and the story behind them click here...Isaiah 40:31
We have a couple different sizes and they are pretty incredible, we think!

If you have any questions or anything please feel free to contact us at

We obviously could not be doing this journey without all of you and we are so grateful for all of the love and support!  Please keep praying for Gracie and her health and that we can bring her HOME soon!!