Thursday, February 28, 2013

Love to ALL!

We just wanted to take this opportunity to say a very heart felt thank you and let you know how much we Love each and every one of you! 
The turnout for the Fundraiser that Anne put together was awesome!!  A lot of people showed up and gave support emotionally, prayerfully and financially! 
We are so blessed to have such incredible people in our lives!
We were able to add to the Job Jar and to date have passed out 150 Faith Bracelets!!! (More coming if you haven't gotten one yet) 
How cool is God!
We aren't sure how to say Thank You enough so we just want to say we Love you ALL!!

Now for the winners of the drawings:
Skyforce Tickets--Baylor Folkens
Stampede Tickets--Amanda Viau
Isaiah's Faith Painting--Rentschler Family

Isaiah even took three orders for more paintings!  He is going to be a busy little artist.

Thanks again to the ladies that donated their products and services:
ViBella, Renae
Usborne Books, Kari
31 Bags, Angela
Scentsy, Gina
Advocare, Wendy
FrassyGirl, Heidi
(You can actually still order through the day today if you weren't able to attend, just contact us for details)

Also a huge thanks to those that helped with the bake sale by providing the amazing food, and those that helped with any aspect of the day!

You are all a huge blessing in our lives and we thank you so much! Love to ALL!!

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