Thursday, January 31, 2013

Isaiah and his big Dream!

For quite some time we have known that we had an artist on our hands.  Isaiah is constantly doodling or drawing something on almost everything!  He loves to create things and has a super imagination. 
One of his artistic passions recently has been painting, and drawing, crosses.  He drew a picture last summer that was pretty amazing when compared to my abilities, and then at his cousin Ella's birthday party he replicated it on a canvas painting! 
While talking last week about our bracelet fundraiser and the adoption process he decided he wanted to get involved.  He wasn't sure what he could offer so we just told him to brainstorm.  It didn't take long and his eyes wandered to the small canvas painting hanging above his bed.  He immediately knew that he wanted to paint the picture and try to sell it.  He wanted to do it so badly that he wanted to use a giftcard that Aunt Sissy gave him to Hobby Lobby, to purchase the products.  We never made it to Hobby Lobby so today while walking the aisles of WalMart he spotted his dream.  So, two canvases, 15 colors of paint and a set of brushes later we walked out ready to Dream some more!
Here is the final product!  Over an hour of brainstorming, mixing colors to get just the right hue and then finally putting brush to canvas we have a master piece....
Isaiah wants to sell this painting for the Job Jar, but he would like to take it to school first to show his friends on Monday! We thought we could help him make it open to you all, in a hopefully simple silent auctionish kind of way. 
I will be linking this blog to my facebook account.  If you are interested in helping him with his project please private message me with your offer.  I will then post the offer, minus your name, in the comments section of the facebook link. That way others know what the price is!  Or just post your price if you are comfortable!
Isaiah truly hopes to sell it for $10!  I think we can do a little better.
I am posting tonight, 1-31-13 and will be closing it at KICKOFF of the Super Bowl!  The highest bidder when the ball goes in the air will take home this one of a kind master piece!

IF by chance you are seeing this and don't have access to Facebook feel free to email me at 

Thank you so much!
Love to All!

PS. Mikah has one started to but he is a very picky so it might be a while before it hits the market!

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