Monday, March 16, 2009

Take the Plunge!!

For the next month I will be preparing my body and mind for total shut down. On April 18 I will dress in my 1980's apparel and head to a small dock on the side of the Big Sioux River. I will be joined there by thousands, maybe even hundreds of people. (sarcasm noted) I will wait my turn and when my name is called, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Marty McFly", I will walk to the end of the dock and peer into the cold and murky water.

One last big, deep breath will enter my lungs and my body will fling itself into the frigid water. The air will immediately be sucked from my chest. Every nerve in my body will spasm and every muscle will flex. The flowing water will push me downstream where a firefighter will quickly grab onto my frozen, disoriented body and try to guide me up a ramp onto solid ground.

This is not the first time I have taken the "Polar Plunge" and it certainly will not be the last time.

For the past 4 years, a group of teachers and friends of mine have gathered to enjoy this incredible event. It is not the water that draws us. It is not the many adoring fans. It is not the trophy for best costumes, that we have won every year, that brings us to the river.

It is simply the act of giving that keeps us wanting more.

The Polar Plunge is a fundraiser for the South Dakota Special Olympics. A great organization and a great event.

Each jumper is asked to raise at least $100 to be able to participate in the jump. Most people raise much more. $100 is a cake walk once you start asking people with big hearts. All of the money collected goes straight to the Special Olympics. It is incredible.

The act of jumping into the icy cold water is just the icing on the cake.

The real enjoyment is to be able to provide the Special Olympiads with a way to compete and the funding to keep them going. Several of the athletes even join us in our journey to the river.
These athletes are the ones that don't typically get their names on television or a pep rally when they are headed to a big game. They aren't recognized all over that state for being a champion and they most certainly don't get the hype that they deserve.

But on this day they are the "Champions". They are the Winners. They are recognized for their skills, effort and abilities. They are the true "Athletes" in our world. Always willing to help one another. Never worried about the end result or what the score was. Forever happy to be able to participate and be a part of the team. How awesome is that.
Can you imagine just being happy to be a part of the team?

Well you are!!

You can be!!

We are all on the same team!!

So if you aren't busy on April 18, come out and see the Polar Plunge and support the Athletes. If you don't live near our Plunge, find one of your own. Get a full body shock and help out a great group of people.

Take the Plunge!! (anyway you can)

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  1. I'd like to donate money! Hit me up!! =)
    Jena Skorczewski