Monday, March 30, 2009

Imagine for a minute

"Imagine for a minute" were the words that caught my attention as I sat in the very last pew of our old country church. Above the ruckus of my one and four year olds I somehow caught what Jerry was saying to his congregation. Most times sitting in the way back, wrestling with the two little ones, I seem to miss most of the message. But today I was sucked in, if you will, and I managed to be consumed by his words.

"Imagine for a minute" he started.

"Imagine that next week you will be arrested." What? I haven't done anything wrong, certainly not of the caliber that would require the law to be involved and surely nothing that would require being arrested.

"Imagine that you are given a mock trial" I know for a fact that I haven't done anything wrong but then to have to go through a trial where I have no chance is ridiculous. That doesn't really happen. Or does it? I see it on TV how people are persecuted for things they haven't done but that is just TV, right?

"Now imagine that you are found guilty in this trial and walked through the streets to be humiliated and beaten" Again I tell you, I haven't done anything wrong!! Why are these people so angry? What have I done that was so bad? This is not justice. This is not how we are supposed to treat each other. Why do they want to hurt me and poke fun at me?

"Again imagine that you are put on public display, for all to see" By put on display you mean hang posters up and broadcast it on the news right? No? You mean nailed to a cross through my hands and feet and left there for people to come and spit insults and rage at? But why?

"Imagine calling out to your father for help and asking 'Why have you forsaken me?' and having those present mock you" I just want help. I don't understand why this is happening and why I have to endure all of this. No one should have to go through all of this pain and humiliation. Why are these people so angry?

"Imagine knowing that you will go through great pain. You will die and no one will try to save you" I have friends that will help, right? I have family that will stand up for me right? I hope. I am sure they would, wouldn't they?

I am sure you have already "imagined" who all of this is about. It seems so unfair. So ridiculous and beyond any realm of our reality. It seems almost too inhumane to be true.

But it is true. It is the story of all stories. It is the reason we are here and the reason we celebrate our faith.

Imagine what had to happen for you to be able to live how you do and be who you are! It's a pretty incredible story.


  1. Incredible indeed.

    I think a lot of us have read this story so much that it's desensitized us a little. This really woke me up to what Christ had to endure.

  2. Jon~Once again I thank you for sharing! For some reason this year's Easter has really yanked at my heart. The humbling never stops and the ultimate sacrifice is sometimes more than I can bear. I too love the story~the music~the whole Easter celebration. I love how we can prepare our hearts through the Seder meal on Thurs. night~the Tenebrae service on Fri. night~soak it all in on Sat.~becuz~Sunday's coming! And then Imagine~He is risen!!!!! Indescribable~unimaginable! Love ya bro, keep writing! Michelle