Thursday, January 22, 2009

Letter to Anna and Lydia, Remember to Play

Last night we were informed that our friend Paul had passed away and was in heaven. It didn't come as a surprise to us as he had been battling cancer.

As we got ready for bed it was on all of our minds and deep in our hearts as we thought of all of the loved ones that he left behind. Two of them came to mind more than others. Paul was an awesome grandpa to his grandkids, and we have been privelaged to get to know two of them very well. Our 4 year old, Isaiah, has become good friends with Lydia and is especially fond of Anna. They are all roughly the same age so they all play together when Isaiah gets the chance to visit his Aunt Sissy.

While we were tucking Isaiah into bed lastnight we decided to mention the passing of Paul. We said that Anna and Lydia's grandpa was in heaven and with Grandpa Larry now. We said our prayers. My wife prayed for the family of Paul and the two little girls, and I followed with some of the same. Then it was Isaiah's turn. He wasn't exactly sure how to start it off or what really to say, so he copied some of our lines initially and then got the hang of it. The following is a transcript of what he said. It is not exact as I cannot remember it word for word but it is as close as I can come.

Isaiah- "Please let Anna and Lydia get a good nights sleep and their mommy and daddy too. Make sure they are safe and that they are not sad now. Make sure that they look at "the star" in the sky where their grandpa is. (Isaiah has a special star that he watches. It is Grandpa Larry. If you want to see it look to the west and it is the brightest one up there) When they wake up they can play with lots of trains so that they will happy, I like trains, except that they probably don't have trains because they are girls, so they have lots of girl toys that they will play with to be happy. Maybe I can play trains with them when I see them so they are happy. Let them sleep good tonight and have a good day tomorrow. Amen"

So to the family of Paul. Please know that we are thinking of you, all of you. This is a happy and a sad time. Let all emotions flow. And in the words of a 4 year old boy, remember to play. I am sure Paul would want you too.

Love to all.


  1. Once again, this touches my heart so deeply. We have read the poem that you wrote as well, and I sent it to Scott's email. Scott was really touched. You guys are amazing -- special, special people.
    A note for Isaiah: Thank you for praying for us. Did you know, little man, that God answered your prayers? You prayed that we would sleep well, and guess what! We got a really good night's sleep last night, just like you prayed. And also, we do have a train set! Would you like to come play with it? Grandpa Paul loved our train set, too. Love you, little man.

  2. Amen and amen. Such wisdom in such a little person...