Tuesday, January 13, 2009

From the mouths of Babes!

Here we are, a week removed from some of the nastiest flu bugs to hit our house in a long time. And possibly at the worst possible time. It started with Mikah and slowly worked its way down a line of about 15 people. Thankfully it has missed me up to this point, but it really took its toll on Anne and Isaiah just a few days into their surgery recoveries. Anywho, it really got me thinking about some things and my boys.
Ever since Isaiah has got his "new teeth" he has been on a talking rampage. The best I can figure is that it maybe hurt his little mouth to talk at times before, and now he is not having those same pains. Excellent news. To go along with his chatter we have to remember that he spends most of his days with his little brother, 9 month old Mikah, and a host of adult ladies that journey in and out of our house. So, most conversations that he has are with a babbling infant usually screaming "mamamama" or a grownup.
It is amazing how his language skills develop over time and to hear the things that he picks up on and tries to use at a later date. I will provide you with some examples that I have caught and if you have others, which I am sure you do, please share.
1. While battling the flu, and locked up in our bedroom and watching movies with mom for two days, "Dad, mom and I are homesick today aren't we?" He used this with the idea that he was at home and sick but it came out of his mouth as if he missed home.
2. After a fairly decent bout of throwing up his 7-up for the umpteenth time, "Wow, that was really alot of work." Smiled and then back to his movie.
3. When a huge sneeze came flying out of his little body just the other day, "That's what I've been waiting for"
4. In true Peters fashion of not being able to keep a secret he told Aunt Linda, "We got you a chicken CAR for your birthday." When in reality he had picked out a carD with buffalo wings on it. This all took place the day before her birthday as well.
5. Now just some random words that he likes to throw out periodically, "Hilarious", "Everytime", "Nuffin" and "Berry Sweet."

At times I can't wait for him to grow up and see what he does with his life and where the road will take him and his brother. He has experienced so many things in the past six months that the road ahead has to be amazing. I just can't wait for it. But on the other hand I am having a blast loving him, watching him grow and listening to the little things that come out of his crazy little mouth.

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