Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In Heaven There is No Cancer!

A while back I wrote about saying "Goodbye" and what it meant to people. I also mentioned that we were getting ready to say this word to two of our friends. Both were battling cancer. Both were in hospice spending time with loved ones, and both were preparing themselves for the greatest "Goodbye" of their lives here with us. I am saddened, relieved, happy, and a whole assortment of words, to report that both Paul and Cheryl have been able to say their final "Goodbye".
I want to share a quick little story about a conversation I had with my sister the night of Paul's Goodbye.
It went something like this.
Michelle called to let me know that Paul had entered into Heaven. She told me that it happened earlier in the evening and that all of his children and his wife were able to be present. She mentioned that they were all doing quite well and that there was a sense of relief knowing that Paul was in a much better place and the pain was gone. I told her I was happy for them all and then asked the question that gave me an unexpected answer. I asked her how Scott, Paul's son and my good friend, was doing. Well, he was doing as good as can be expected but he did make a comment to her that really stuck out. He said, "There is no cancer in Heaven".
Wow. Powerful. Wonderful. Amazing. No more pain. No more fear of the unknown. Now there is running, jumping, fishing and reading stories to little kids. God is good and Paul is now strong and amazing. And likewise for Cheryl. They are both in a place that there is no more cancer. There is no more unknown. There's only love.
Like I said, Scott's words spoke to her and they spoke even more to me. I couldn't get them out of my head. They were with me every time I turned the corner or looked out a window. When things like this stick to me so strongly I have a tendency to write. I sat at work all day and thought and thought about Paul and Scott and their entire family.
And, now today I am sitting here and thinking about Cheryl and her family as well.
As I sat at school I started to just jot things down throughout the day and below is the finished product that I shared with Scott and his family. God Bless.

In Heaven There is No Cancer!

It comes when you least expect it
It slowly creeps right in
There’s no reason for who it chooses
But it tries its best to win
For some it gets caught early
And can be treated and is gone
Yet others aren’t as lucky and
It’s stay is way too long
Age is not a factor
Nor is gender, race or size
For all it really wants to do
Is come and ruin lives
There are those that fight and battle
And are lucky to see another day
Then those that give great effort
But slowly fade away
It may be unforgiving
And brutal to the core
There may not be an answer
For some no earthly cure
But do not be mistaken
Because there is ONE simple answer
God is watching over you and,
In Heaven there is NO Cancer!!

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  1. I can finally praise God for this healing for my pain, no sorrow and NO CANCER. Thanks for your wonderful reminder. Love,Carol